Nancy’s interest in law began at a very early age when her brother was electrocuted by faulty city wiring. Her family had immigrated from Cuba. Not yet fluent in English, they faced a difficult legal battle, but eventually won the case. At that moment, Nancy knew that being a lawyer was what she wanted to do.

Nancy earned her JD at William S. Boyd School of Law at University of Nevada in 2004. She clerked for District Court Judge Lee Gates upon graduation. She also clerked in the Clark County Public Defender’s Office.

She has handled over 100,000 criminal and civil cases, ranging from traffic tickets to settlements totaling millions of dollars. Nancy was honored with the Pillar of Justice award from Nevada Justice Association.

Nancy has significant ties to our community. She has volunteered at Southern Nevada Legal Aid for over 10 years as a CAP (Children’s Attorney Project) attorney and represented many children through difficult circumstances.

She has recently been approved by the Mexican Consulate of Las Vegas as an attorney they refer cases to.  Nancy has often appeared on Telemundo to discuss legal issues.

Nancy was appointed to the Las Vegas Arts Commission, where she helped develop the downtown Arts Factory.  Away from the firm, she teaches children’s art classes. She is a certified Yoga Instructor and enjoys training and riding horses.